Adrian Grenier Isn’t Exactly the Park Slope Coop’s Employee of the Year


On last nights episode of Entourage, Matt Damon berated Vinny Chase for not giving enough money to charity. So just how giving is the guy who plays him, Adrian Grenier? A spy recently sneaked a photo of his Park Slope Food Coop office card (the Coop keeps track of member shifts via an ancient system involving pen and paper), and it looks like hes worked all of three shifts this year. According to the Coops FAQ, members are supposed to work thirteen two-and-a-half-hour shifts per year (or they will be burned at the stake). Weve already speculated that Grenier is on the Future Time Off Program that allows for some flexibility, but still: If youre signing up in hopes of a Vinny Chase sighting, you might want to just stick to Key Food. (By the way, speaking of HBO nice shout-out to Sammys Roumanian on Bored to Death last night. Zach Galifianakis's character, an overeater, is offered a meal there if hell fetch something for Jonathan Ames.)