A Rare Glimpse Into Thomas Keller


A while back we brought you an excerpt from Thomas Keller’s new cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home, a touching story about the chef preparing a last meal for his once-estranged father. Now the Times further explores that meal, as well as Keller’s relationship with his dad, a former Marine drill sergeant who left the family when Keller was five. The elder Keller became a quadriplegic after a car accident, but was such a bon vivant that he still managed to sneak contraband chewing tobacco and cigars while he was attached to a ventilator. A year of caring for the man (including sending over daily meals from French Laundry) softened up his son: “Mr. Keller says he has become a more patient leader with a greater appreciation for collaboration.” It’s an interesting look into a chef who normally doesn’t open up for the media.

What the Last Meal Taught Him [NYT]