Winner Picked for Good Magazine’s Farmer’s Market Re-Design Contest

Photo: E. Bartholomew via Flickr

A proposed “Farm on Wheels” by Mia Lehrer + Associates has been named the winner in Good Magazine’s contest to re-design local farmers markets. The winning idea seems to suggest that a traveling fleet of electric vehicles will bring farmed produce to a central farmer’s market outpost for food trucks to pick up. The trucks will then chart a course, M.T.A.-style, along routes that reach from Highland Park to San Pedro, selling the freshly plucked goodies at stops along the way. Yes, the winning concept, like many of our mobile food suppliers, is inspired by a standby that practically defines driving and eating in L.A., the fruit and vegetable truck. Of course, this version uses only local food sourced directly from the people who grow it and would appear dependably in the same place every day. We love the idea of farmer’s markets coming to us daily. In any case, it beats the finalist who’d have us traipsing around the remains of The L.A. River to buy our veggies. [Good Magazine]