Underberg Makes the Bar Scene, But What About Bananaweizen?

Photo: Courtesy of Underberg

German food is on everyone’s mind, thanks to a recent Times story (and video!) about Berlin’s bratwurst hockers. (“Is it me, or do these roving bratwurst grills look uncomfortably like WWII flamethrowers?” Gourmet editor Francis Lam tweets.) Now Off the Presses has noticed that Prime Meats has taken to serving Underberg, the thinking man’s Jägermeister, by the glass. That’s all well and good, but doesn’t ordering Underberg at a bar defeat the purpose of sipping the bitters from their comically small bottle, not to mention saving points, via the brand’s loyalty program, for things such as a belt buckle that doubles as an Underberg bottle holster? Isn’t this like serving Cracker Jack without the toy surprise? And when will bars start serving that other German specialty, bananaweizen? (Hefeweizen + banana juice — try it! And go with Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier since it already has a noticeable banana flavor.)