Tyra Banks Hits the Food Trucks


After watching the food-truck segment on today’s Tyra Banks Show, we’ve learned the following: Tyra doesn’t know how to pronounce Rickshaw (“rick-saw”) or Le Gamin (“le gameen”), and she thinks the Treats Truck is called the Dessert Truck. (No, she didn’t try her luck with “vendrification.”) Her Royal Ty-ness also doesn’t like chocolate. Best part: Kenny Lao of Rickshaw once ate 40 dumplings in a day. Also, Le Gamin owner Robert Arbor told Tyra he started the truck after he lost his lease because his rent became too expensive. Rest assured he was talking about his bygone Houston Street location, not the East 5th Street outpost. According to Eater and Lost City, the latter is merely being renovated and will reopen on October 10.