The Grilled Cheese Truck is Coming Soon

Photo: The Grilled Cheese Truck

The wheels on this trend keep on turning and we need a new food truck to fawn over. Fortunately, LAist put us onto The Grilled Cheese Truck, which announced itself on Twitter yesterday. These plan to be far from the shoddy versions constructed in kitchen counters and prison laundry rooms, but experimental creations throwing many ingredients into the mix. So far, we’re being promised signature sandwiches of heirloom tomato caprese, mac ‘n cheese with smoked pork, Brie with brown butter and herbs, and sweet sandwiches using Hawaiian rolls. They apparently love to play with their food too, crushing tater tots with baked Gouda onto a bacon-crust sandwich. We’ll let you know when Grilled Cheese Truck hits our streets, unless you tell us first.

What Has Four Wheels, Two Pieces of Bread, and Lots of Melted Cheese? [LAist]