A Resolution For Baked vs. Baked

Brownies from the soon-to-be-former Baked Chicago
Brownies from the soon-to-be-former Baked Chicago Photo: Get Baked Chicago

The Chicago vs. New York bakery name brouhaha that we noted last week looks like it’s met with some resolution: in deference to Baked (the New York bakery), Baked (the Chicago bakery-to-be) has agreed to change its name, the Village Voice reports. Chicago former-Baked owner Jennifer Estrella has been using the name for her commercial kitchen for the past two years, unaware that the New York-based bakery was building a national identity. “We were weren’t aware of [the NYC bakery],” Estrella told the Voice, “and would not have picked that name.” She’s still on target for a September 23rd opening, though the new name has not yet been announced.

Chicago Baked to Change Name in Deference to Brooklyn Baked [Village Voice]