Tailor Loses All-star Mixologist Eben Freeman

Photo: Abbe Benson

Sad news for cocktailians — Eben Freeman, the man behind smoked Coke and countless other palate-pleasing libations — has left cash-strapped Tailor. Actually, this was pretty much a foregone conclusion — Freeman’s talents were somewhat squandered at the undertrafficked restaurant, but nonetheless, it’s a pity that, by the looks of a release obtained by Off the Presses, he has no immediate plans to showcase them at another venue. Instead, it seems like he’ll take the sort of hiatus he took after leaving wd~50, and travel the world as part of the Cocktail All-Stars. He’s also working on a line of barware with AvroKO. Well, who can blame him — hopefully it’s only a matter of time before he jumps behind the bar again. It’s uncertain what this means for Tailor, since Freeman’s bar program (which will presumably remain in place) was the only thing propping it up during these couple of months that dining room has been closed.

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