Suspicious Jobs at Lucali; Can’t Believe It’s Deep-Fried Butter


• Feds suspect that alleged mobster Dominick Dionisio is not actually working at Lucali, despite his claims to be doing so. [

• Zagat is facing tough competition from Chowhound and Yelp, and sources close to the company claim financial straits are dire. [NYP]

• Despite Labor Day weekend’s reputation as a dead time for restaurants, all the usual suspects seemed to be hopping on Saturday night. [NYP]

• Deep-fried butter was on the menu at the Texas state fair. [NYDN]

• A man was beaten on Sunday for taking too long in the bathroom of a Village bagel shop. [NYP]

• Court Street’s Peking 2 caught fire on Saturday. [Cobble Hill Blog]

• McDonald’s has lost a copyright suit that would have prevented a Malaysian curry restaurant from using the dish name “McCurry.” [Reuters]

Nios chef Patricia Williams is a former professional ballerina. [WSJ]

• Whole Foods will soon start selling organic T-shirts designed by Miguel Adrover for hessnatur. [Racked]

• Smith Street’s Provence en Boite has been closed for operating illegally. [Cobble Hill Blog]