Standard Launches Beer Garden While Boom Boom Rumors Fly

Photo: Fork in the Road

Down by the Hipster checks out the Standard’s beer garden today, and Fork in the Road hears from Kurt Gutenbrunner that the beer program consists of Bitburger, Ayinger, and an East German dark beer, while the food, mostly sourced from Schaller & Weber, includes weisswurst, currywurst, cheddar sausages, bratwurst, sauerkraut, and the huge pretzels featured on Serious Eats. Meanwhile, 22 stories up, a source of Steve Lewis has this to say about the Boom Boom Room.

“Kamil Parchomienko will handle the room … Kamil used to live in Miami and LA … he’s worked for Andre for like 13 years. They want to do two seatings, 4–9 for small plates and 10–2/3 for late night. Super high-end Rainbow Room/Rose Bar/Windows on the World style $18–25 drinks and DP by the glass. They’re still working on the menu. They’ve got 4 managers, but no promoters. They’re going to rely heavily on Andre, the brand, and the space to keep it busy. $18–25 drinks will eventually wear people down, but the room is pretty nice.”

A promoter at a rival hot spot has told us he thinks those $25 drinks will be the death of the operation, but we’ll grant the Boom Boom Room this much — the view is better than over at the Eldridge.