Subway Bound to Overtake McDonald’s in Annoying Ubiquity


We’ve already noted the uptick in Subway locations around the city and the fact that there are now 150 stores in Manhattan, something a commenter called “the reign of mediocrity.” But now Ad Age tips us off to something even more unbelievable: Subway is about to overtake McDonald’s in number of stores. McDonald’s currently has 32,158 worldwide locations, and Subway is expected to break 31,800 this week. Not only that, but Subway is opening 40 stores a week, and big-ups get free ice cream (free ice cream!) every time they open 100 stores. All this having been said, McDonald’s is still more profitable, since it takes five or six Subways to do the business of one Mickey D’s. And McDonald’s also has this: It was just named the most hated brand in Britain.

Subway Set to Overtake McD’s in Omnipresence