Step Right Up to Carnival’s Menu! See the Incredible Rendering!

Photo: Courtesy of Carnival

Carnival, the fun house above Bowlmor Lanes, is now set to open October 8. Itll be a little longer before we get a look at the barcumbig tops dunk tank (were told the dude from the Feast of San Gennaro has been hired), but while eagerly awaiting the shitshow freak show of magicians, stilt walkers, and blockheads, weve gotten wind that there will be a $70 drink on the menu called, yes, the Dunk Tank, and itll consist of two gallons of vodka, rum, gin, and fruit juice (so, sort of like a Long Island iced tea) served with a You Just Got Tanked on the Dunk Tank souvenir glass. Um. As if you need further proof that this place is going to be a hot mess, turn your attention to the menu we just acquired. Will there be bite-size corn dogs? You betcha.

Carnival menu [PDF]