Simon Hammerstein Unveils Something Scarier Than the Box’s Bottle Prices

"Come and play with us, Simon ... "
“Come and play with us, Simon … “ Photo: Patrick McMullan

If you’re tired of Blood Manor, the haunted house that pops up on West 27th Street every year, check this out: The owners of the Box, Simon Hammerstein and Randy Weiner, are taking over the former China Club space at 264 W. 47th Street from October 15 through October 31. A press release describes Club Purgatorio as a “multi-level world of macabre fantasy complete with interactive variety acts and installations, all set in a dynamic environment that is at once frightening, erotic and whimsical.” We can just see it now: In a long hallway, the Proceline Twinz will be creepily holding up court papers and saying, “Come and play with us, Simon … forever, and ever, and ever … ” Tickets range from $39.99 to $79.99 and can be purchased here.