Sam Nazarian Shares Seduction Tip at Gladstone’s

Photo: McHart via Flickr

We can’t imagine Sam Nazarian needs help meeting women when he’s pushing a $1.7 million Bugatti between his hospitality empire and Rick Fox’s birthday party. Nonetheless he shares a fairly cheesy line with The Jewish Journal. “You know the best compliment you can give a girl? The one that’s worked for me the best,” Sam asks.”You’re the perfect bite…just enough of everything.” Nazarian unleashes this seduction technique while eating at his newly purchased Gladstone’s, where he admits the food never did it for him, but that the unmatched beachfront is perfect for “$500,000 Sundays.” The menu will soon be revitalized and major renovations are planned by Nazarian, who worked service jobs long before commanding a staff of 3,700. “I didn’t grow up in posh Beverly Hills mansions,” he reminds us, before declaring that day laborers were his “summer playmates.”

The Brew That Makes Sam Nazarian Tick [The Jewish Journal]