RH at Andaz Surprises The L.A. Times; Saveur Loves Mo-Chica

RH at Andaz
RH at Andaz Photo: RH Andaz

• “Chef Sebastien Archambault is quietly cooking some of the best contemporary French food I’ve had in L.A.,” at RH at Andaz, says S. Irene Virbila, surprised at how good a hotel restaurant can be. [The Los Angeles Times]

• “Mo-Chica…serves some of the best ceviche north of Lima,” says Saveur Magazine. [Saveur]

Le Saint Amour has a “superb grilled rib eye with pommes frites,” enthuses Los Angeles Magazine, and the “only misstep was a blah monkfish.” [L.A. Mag]

• “Nobody has stronger opinions than partisans of Hainan chicken rice,” writes J. Gold on a food argument he is afraid to enter, before rejecting the version at Alhambra’s Dong Nguyen and finding Savoy Kitchen’s “not bad.”[L.A. Weekly]

• “BiMi is a great restaurant that, although a bit pricey, I would not hesitate to recommend to any sushi lover,” explains The Santa Monica Daily Press. [SMPD]

• At The Gorbals, “the menu as a whole is not a gag,” with “complex and hearty offerings,” writes The L.A. Times. [L.A. Times]

• “An evening at Open Sesame is a first-rate experience,” according to Merril Shindler, on the Manhattan Beach’s Middle Eastern restaurant. [Daily Breeze]