Red Robin Goes for the Gross


It’s happening, folks: Gross-out foods like the Big MacChicken and everything you ever saw in This Is Why You’re Fat (whose authors, you may have heard, recently became involved in a domestic-violence case) have become not just entertainment but actual marketing strategies. First, KFC unleashed the Double Down — bacon, cheese, and the Colonel’s Sauce sandwiched between two chicken breasts. The Onion didn’t like that so much, but that hasn’t stopped Red Robin (whose nearest store is in Clifton, New Jersey) from creating the Wise Guy Burger, consisting of a burger patty, marinara sauce, pepperoni slices, peppers, tomato, and mozzarella sticks. To be sure, putting fried cheese into a sandwich is nothing new (consider the Seaside Tony cheesesteak), but for a national chain to go there just seems wrong. Then again, what about a burger with corn-dog nuggets in it?