Pizza Tourists Pick Unlikely Favorites

A Di Fara slice.
A Di Fara slice. Photo: Okreitz’s Flickr page

You’ve heard of burger clubs, but from July 26 through September 13, a pizza club of sorts, 40 strong and operating under the name 5 Boro Pizza Tour, sampled offerings at 26 pizzerias. What’s not surprising is that they tell the Daily News their favorite was Salvatore’s of Soho in Staten Island (we too are fans of its Lombardi’s-style pies and its outdoor seats). What is surprising is that they chose an undersung spot, L’asso, as the best in lower Manhattan. Of course, the leader of the troop is said to be a graphic designer, and L’asso is something of an art-kid hangout. But that shouldn’t take away from their victory. Other picks include: John’s Pizzeria in Elmhurst, Mario’s Restaurant in Belmont, and (another surprise pick over the likes of Lucali and Di Fara) Luigi’s Pizza in Windsor Terrace.

5-Boro Pizza Tour crowns Staten Island’s Salvatore of Soho best slice of pizza in New York City [NYDN]