Peter Meehan Returns to the Times


The last time we saw Mr. Peter Meehan, he was standing outside Momofuku Ko — the only place he spends more time is inside Momofuku — with a hot-off-the-presses copy of the Momofuku cookbook. Before that, Mr. Meehan had, of course, been the “$25 and Under” critic for the Times, but he lost the column when the section was restructured. But now at the Moment, the NYT style blog (where, full disclosure, I am also a contributor), Mr. Meehan returns with a new stoner-friendly column, Grass Fed. In the first edition, Meehan visits the small city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There in Amish country, he eats cheeseburger subs while listening to Endless Boogie with Mark Ibold, the bassist from Pavement and a food lover. Welcome back, Peehan.

Grass Fed | A New Column by Peter Meehan [Moment/NYT]