Patricia Yeo Leaves New York for Red Sox Country

Photo: Mackenzie Stroh

A curious bit of news has reached us via Grub Street Boston. According to the Globe’s food blog, Patricia Yeo, the onetime Monkey Bar and Sapa chef, who was last seen stinting at Broadway East, has found a permanent gig, and it’s not in New York. In fact, she’s moved to Beantown to do shared plates with a strong Chinese influence at a new restaurant, Ginger Park. We’d mourn the loss of one of the city’s relatively few prominent female chefs, but it sounds like others need her more than we do. The Globe’s blog, Dishing, is disappointed that the project “sadly … will not be the noodle bar Boston still lacks.” Now doesn’t that make you feel grateful for our ramen riches?

Ginger Park is the New Banq [Grub Street Boston]