NYC Bartenders Bash: The Poor Man’s Food and Wine Festival


If you’re looking to party with “bartenders, cocktail waitresses, bar backs and lounge lizards from all over the Big Apple and Long Island,” and really — circle of trust, guys,who isn’t? — you should really go to P.D. O’Hurleys at Pier 84 on September 14. It’s the FIRST ANNUAL NYC BARTENDERS BALL-END OF SUMMER BASH, le majuscule obligitoire. They’re celebrating the ball-end of summer! Oh, and also “the hospitality industry.” It’s hosted by celebrated mixologist WABC TV anchor Ken Rosato. Tarry not; tickets are $50 and available here. But if you’re not going, the least you can do is vote. Categories include: Bartender Who Shows the Most Skin, Easiest Place to Hook Up, Coldest Beer, and Biggest Attitude Behind Bar. Democracy at work, folks!