Modern Marvels: McDonald’s Map and iPhone Apps

Photo: Weather Sealed via The Slatest

Today, a few technological marvels concerning food. First, Subway might be overtaking McDonald’s in number of stores, but this map of McDonald’s locations across the country is still pretty startling. Weather Sealed has used it to determine that the U.S. location farthest away from a McDonald’s (107 miles from the nearest one, to be exact) is in South Dakota.

Meanwhile, Boing Boing screens a demo for a new iPhone app that allows you to point your camera at a building to find food — the phone uses its GPS and compass to reveal all of the fast-food joints and chain restaurants in or around the building. And finally, CNET reviews an iPhone app, FoodScanner, that allows you to scan the bar code on packaged foods to keep track of how many calories you’re eating, while the Times tries out a similar app, Lose It. Amazeballs.