Confirmed: Michelle Obama at Gramercy Tavern

Barack and Michelle leaving New York today.

An Eater tipster says Michelle Obama is currently lunching at Gramercy Tavern. Work in the area? Send us anecdotal or photographic evidence! [Eater]

Update: From our source at the scene: “I saw Michelle!!!!!! She was with [presidential advisor] Valerie Jarrett, who’s gorgeous. I couldn’t see FLOTUS over the 8 million cars parked out front. The crowd erupted upon exit, though, and she waved at us all! Her hair looked immaculate and I love her. Still vibrating from my closeness.” And from our source’s cohort: “Wtf? They couldn’t serve drinks to all of us standing around waiting to see her? Highlight was when the back of her suburban popped open to reveal some agro dude with a machine gun. I give the experience 6/10.” Also: BlackBook has another report from scene and, even better, the Decider grabbed a seat at the bar and learned Michelle didn’t make a reservation and enjoyed a “light seasonal meal” containing locally sourced ingredients, natch.