Confirmed: Michelle Obama at Gramercy Tavern

Barack and Michelle leaving New York today.
Barack and Michelle leaving New York today. Photo: Getty Images

An Eater tipster says Michelle Obama is currently lunching at Gramercy Tavern. Work in the area? Send us anecdotal or photographic evidence! [Eater]

Update: From our source at the scene: “I saw Michelle!!!!!! She was with [presidential advisor] Valerie Jarrett, who’s gorgeous. I couldn’t see FLOTUS over the 8 million cars parked out front. The crowd erupted upon exit, though, and she waved at us all! Her hair looked immaculate and I love her. Still vibrating from my closeness.” And from our source’s cohort: “Wtf? They couldn’t serve drinks to all of us standing around waiting to see her? Highlight was when the back of her suburban popped open to reveal some agro dude with a machine gun. I give the experience 6/10.” Also: BlackBook has another report from scene and, even better, the Decider grabbed a seat at the bar and learned Michelle didn’t make a reservation and enjoyed a “light seasonal meal” containing locally sourced ingredients, natch.