Maloney & Porcelli Encourages You to Fudge Your Receipts

Photo: Courtesy of Maloney & Porcelli

A publicist just sent us a release that begins “One of the biggest casualties of the financial crisis is the expense account meal,” and it goes on to introduce the Maloney & Porcelli expense-report generator, which takes the total you spent at the restaurant (or any random sum, really) and creates fake cab, book, and office-supply receipts so that your boss doesn’t realize you dropped those company Benjamins on steak and Scotch. (They’re also supposedly giving customers doggie bags marked with Chipotle, Sbarro, and Olive Garden logos.) One has to wonder how many ducats Maloney & Porcelli blew on building this novelty app and on hiring a publicist to promote it — clearly they’re still flush, death of the expense-account meal or no. (Either that or they have a wonderful sense of irony.)