Koyaani-snickers-i: Africans Wait for Candy While U.S. Eats All the Meat

Photo: Good

In a Russian ad that was inspired either by The Gods Must Be Crazy or Burger King’s controversial “Whopper Virgins” ads, African tribespeople are shown waiting for Snickers, which is “coming soon.” The way Animal sees it, it’s a mockery of African starvation. Meanwhile, for more lessons in global eating habits, we turn to Good, which has produced this fascinating graphic showing the countries that eat the most and least meat per capita. Not surprisingly, Rwanda and Mozambique are in the bottom five (the typical Rwandan eats 9.7 pounds of meat per year), but you may not have known that, by this account, the typical American is just the fifth-largest meat consumer (at 275.1 pounds per year), while Denmark is No. 1. Commenters are up in arms that parrilla-happy Argentina somehow didn’t make the cut.