Ken Friedman ‘Appalled’ by El Bulli; Ugly Betty at Belcourt


• Ken Friedman was “somewhat appalled” by a recent dinner at El Bulli. [Restaurant Girl]

Ugly Betty filmed at Belcourt yesterday. [Eater]

• The latest projected reopening date for the Coney Island Totonno’s, shuttered by fire in March, is late September or early October. [Slice]

• Chemists are hard at work to produce craft beers that can keep their taste long enough to be shipped and sold across the world. [WSJ]

• Cupcakes are now available in the U.S. Capitol cafeteria. [The Hill]

• There’s a gourmet-food revolution afoot in Norway and the country’s chefs are entering the world’s radar. [WSJ]

• A recent study found that overweight children tended to snack much more when hanging out with overweight friends. [Time]