Cupcakes for a Cause; Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Channels Thanksgiving


Coney Island: Totonno’s should reopen mid-October, after closing due to a fire. [Kinetic Carnival]
Fort Greene: An unnamed bakery on DeKalb gave a chocolate croissant to someone hesitant to spend $2.75 on pastry with one request: “It’s my gift to you if you come back another time.” [The Local/NYT]
Hamilton Heights: Talay, opened by King Phojanakong in May 2008, has been transformed into a cheesy Mexican Restaurant called Pancho Gringo. [Eater]
Union Square: The Big Gay Ice Cream truck (now on Broadway at 17th Street) has jumped the gun on Thanksgiving foods with a special sundae made with “vanilla soft serve covered in graham-cracker crumbs, drizzled with pumpkin butter, and topped with whipped cream. Ohhhh yeah. As Doug (a.k.a. the BGICT man) says, it’s like licking the pie plate after Thanksgiving dinner.” [Blondie and Brownie]
Upper East Side: Two Little Red Hens (a high scorer in our cupcake tasting) is one of several local bakeries participating in Cupcakes for a Cause all week long. Proceeds from cupcake sales benefit kids with cancer. [Cupcakes for a Cause via Midtown Lunch]