J.G. Melon Gets Along With the Neighbors; Jane Ballroom, Not So Much

Photo: Courtesy of Jane Ballroom

The Times pens an interesting story about the SROs located above J.G. Melon. The gist: Except for a 76-year-old Melon regular who pays $10 a day to live in a shabby room above the bar, there’s little crossover between residents and saloongoers. Funnily enough, 1291 Third Avenue isn’t the only SRO–hot spot in the news today — the Jane Hotel, which drew ire from its low-income residents early in the game, has now ticked off its West Village neighbors with its hot hot hot Ballroom. Per Guest of a Guest, a lawyer for the Jane Street Block Association has written the State Liquor Authority with concerns about an application for an additional rooftop bar, stating that the Jane violated its plans to keep noise to “background noise only.” Gawker thinks this makes it all but certain that the Jane will go the way of the Beatrice, which is rather dramatic, but either way — this ain’t good.