Is Deep-Dish Pizza For Tourists Only?

Giordano's pie: not for hometowners?
Giordano’s pie: not for hometowners? Photo: BrentOzar/Flickr

Has deep-dish pizza finally jumped the carnivorous aquatic creature? The thin-crust invasion has been documented ad infinitum, but now there are rumblings that it’s not just Neapolitan and flatbread that’s on the way in, but deep-dish is on the way out. “It’s not exciting any more,” Chicago Mag writer Jeff Ruby told the AP. “It’s a tourist thing.” Pizzeria Uno GM April McRaven concurs, noting that customers at her restaurant come for “an original experience, one they can’t find in another city.” It doesn’t really help that places like Spacca Napoli and (famously) Great Lake don’t necessarily make it easy on their customers. On why he won’t deliver or take phone orders, Spacca Napoli owner Jonathan Goldsmith says “A pizza is always dying. As soon as it is out of the oven it is meant to be eaten.” We suppose tourists aren’t really in it for that.

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