Kobayashi Retakes Hamburger Title; Hillary Clinton Pledges $3.5 Billion to Feed the World


• Takeru Kobayashi may have failed to oust champ Joey Chestnut during this summers hot-dog-eating contest, but he took back the hamburger title at yesterdays Krystal Square Off. In eight minutes, he downed 93 Krystals to Chestnuts 81. [Krystal Square Off]

• Last weekends Le Fooding event included some hits and misses. [Boozy NYC]

• At a food-security summit on Saturday, Secretary Clinton spoke about the U.S. plan to commit at least $3.5 billion over the next three years to help boost food production worldwide. [Examiner]

• Celebrity chefs confess their guilty pleasures: Wolfgang Puck loves Parisian macarons, Tom Colicchio has a taste for Wagyu beef, and Eric Ripert has no guilt, I always indulge. Only Batali cops to lime Doritos. [Slashfood]

• In a profile of five small businesses struggling in the recession, the owner of Alfanoose explains why he had to cancel his health insurance soon after an operation as a way to save money. [NYT]

• Leah Cohen, Cesare Casella, Ryan Skeen, Joey Campanaro, and others answer the question, When was the last time you lost your shit on a staff member? [Metromix NY]

• The director of Londons Le Caprice, which is planning a New York outlet, visited this weekend to check out the best of what will be our rivals: Monkey Bar, Vermilion, Minetta Tavern, Union Square Cafe, and the Pierre Hotel. [Daily Mail UK]

• A Coney Island food-stamp office is closing on October 16 to cut costs, and the next-closest location is in lower Manhattan. Officials counter that the needy can now register online. [NYDN]

• A new online ordering service called Gomobo targets those who want to Skip the Line® at fast-food restaurants for pick-up orders. [NYT]

• The owner of Central Market Grill and Central Market Chill in Grand Central claims an MTA executive who manages retail leasing called him an anti-Italian slur in 1996 and wont renew his leases now because she has a problem with my ethnicity. [NYP]

• Like bnh m sandwiches and sriracha chile sauce, the young coconut and its juice is the latest formerly humble food to be discovered by New York Citys style set (a.k.a. kids in Williamsburg). [Daily Intel]

• One of New Yorks last seltzer deliverymen fell off his truck and will not work for several weeks, and customers are worried about not having enough seltzer. [NYT]