Neal Fraser’s Grace Might Expand Downtown

Chef Neal Fraser
Chef Neal Fraser Photo: Grace

Grace restaurant might be expanding to the rectory of St. Vibiana’s Cathedral and adding a walk-up counter with an edible facade, reports architecture design lovers, Archinect. According to the site, Neal Fraser, chef and co-owner of Grace, wants to utilize an adjoining corner space as a to-go counter and is also interested in having an adjacent garden for his kitchen. To that end, Sander Architects have proposed the first edible building we’ve seen, planning a facade for Grace that is blanketed in a garden of plants you can eat or cook with. While we await confirmation from Fraser, Archinect tells us that the project might already be a go. If Fraser accepts this intriguing design, he will have finally found something that distracts us from his sublime food.

Showcase: Grace’s Edible Facade [Archinect]