Gottino Partner Michael Bull Sues Jody Williams

Photo: Brian Kennedy

It’s been a long, hard road for Jody Williams, once the chef at Gusto, then Morandi (fired), and now Gottino. Abbe Diaz, whose boyfriend used to own Gusto and who has no love lost for Ms. Williams, gleefully reports that Gottino’s Michael Bull has sued Jody Williams for misappropriating “$95,000.00 of company money.” According to Diaz, Bull said: “The gloves are off and the fight is on … I will close [Gottino] down if I have to,” which seems dubious, unless he’s some sort of Sam Spade film-noir antihero. [Ed. note: He’s not.] However, a phone call to Gottino seems to confirm that Bull has indeed entered into litigation with Ms. Williams:

Grub Street: “I’d like to talk to Michael Bull about the litigation he’s in with Jody Williams.”
Answer: “Oh, yes … ummm, he’s not here.” [click]