Get Artisanal Ice Cream at Your Door

 Tri-Berry Cobbler.
Tri-Berry Cobbler. Photo: Courtesy of MilkMade

The latest player in the city’s high-end–ice-cream movement delivers. MilkMade is organic, seasonal, handmade ice cream created by friends Diana Hardeman, Pavla Mikula, and Michelle Truong, all 26. They purchased a two-quart-ice-cream maker this summer and began experimenting with organic, grass-fed cream from Ronnybrook Farm Dairy and produce from the Union Square Greenmarket. They served flavors like maple pancake (featuring actual pancake bits) and brown-sugar–peanut-butter at a recent happening in Williamsburg, and business was born.

Beginning next month, for $10, subscribers can select one pint from among five seasonal flavors and the MilkMade women will deliver them in insulated coolers, using dry ice from a Chinatown supplier. (Additional pints can be purchased each month at a discounted rate.) “We’re not going to be a custom ice-cream company, [but] we want to incorporate people’s ice-cream dreams into our menu,” says Hardeman. Subscribers can submit flavor ideas; the best so far is “pretzel root-beer float.” MilkMade, whose founders all have day jobs, expects to be able to accommodate 50 subscribers. To get on the list, send an e-mail with the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.