George Clooney Takes a Smooth Ride to Crustacean; Tracy Morgan Leaves his Limo for Wendy’s

Photo: Mild Mannered Photographer via Flickr Creative Commons

The offspring of Borat and Isla Fisher took a Farmer’s Market stroll with mum this past week, while Drew Carey made the price right by buying lunch for everyone at Swinger’s last Thursday. And dang if he isn’t the smoothest George on Earth, Mr. Clooney carried his woman on a motorcycle for champagne at Crustacean, no doubt with perfect hair. Then, in a perpetual state of keeping things real, Tracy Morgan chased The Emmy’s with a trip to Wendy’s. Where else have celebs been dining in L.A.?

Boa: Lindsay Lohan had time for a quick costume change between dinner and a show. [Lohan Groupie]

Bokado: Ashley Tisdale had lunch with her dude. [Celebrity Gossip]

Crustacean: George Clooney took his gal, Elisabetta Canalis, on a motorcycle ride before stopping for a champagne dinner. [People]

Farmers Market: Isla Fisher brought her daughter to play with bunnies. [CelebrityBabies]

Joel Madden took his daughter for a spin in a red wagon. [KnockedUpCelebs]

La Scala: Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth palled around on Monday. [CelebrityGossip]

Swingers: Drew Carey bought lunch for everyone who came last Thursday, letting people know via his Twitter that meals were on him, as long as you tip big. [GossipRex]

Vermont: Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn left their twins at home to eat dinner with friends. [People]

Wendy’s: Tracy Morgan left his limo after The Emmy’s to order on foot at the drive-thru. [TMZ]