Fergus Henderson Unveils FergusStock Menu

The chef schmoozing at last year's event.
The chef schmoozing at last year’s event. Photo: Courtesy of Midtown Lunch’s Flickr

FergusStock, the annual meatfest brought to you by British hearts-and-parts aficionado Fergus Henderson, takes place October 17 through October 19 this year, and the Feed has snagged the menus for the two dinners (one at Spotted Pig, and the other at the Breslin) and for the breakfast (that’s right, breakfast!) the St. John chef plans to prepare, alongside April Bloomfield, at the Breslin. Not only that, but you can enter a contest to win a reservation (something you might just want to do, given how quickly items like deep-fried lambs’ brains ran out last year). Having recently feasted at the St. John in London, we’re bummed that Henderson’s “bath chap” didn’t make the menus, though we’ve already noted that the Spotted Pig makes a similar dish (curiously, it’s again being listed as “bath chap,” and not “pig’s head,” on the Pig’s current menu). But, boy, are we excited for breakfast — if only this city’s brunch chefs would ditch those tired egg dishes and follow suit …

FergusStock 2009: The Menus, Reservation Sweepstakes and More [Feed]