Critics Disagree on Gus & Gabriel; Asiate Won’t Give Alan Richman a Window Seat


Michael Psilakis past success makes Gus & Gabriels colossal misfires almost impossible to believe and harder still to explain, writes Pete Wells. [NYT]
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Gus & Gabriel, tucked into a tricky space just off Broadway, is far better than many, counters Leo Carey. [NYer]

Asiate isnt a bad restaurant. In some ways its excellent. But somehow it always manages to disappoint, writes Alan Richman. [Forked/GQ]

While many new Brooklyn restaurants feel small and authentic, Brooklyn Bowl, with its $30 to $50 lane fees, feels more like Planet Hollywood transplanted from Times Square across the river, says Ryan Sutton. He prefers Brooklyn Star, which hawks highbrow riffs on lowbrow fare (Southern soul food) at affordable prices in a tiny room. [Bloomberg]
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Go in good health, Pio Pio. New York already loves you. It shouldnt matter much if I get it or not, says Gael Greene. [Insatiable Critic]

Golden Palace in Flushing is one of only two restaurants offering the cuisine of Shandong, says Robert Sietsema. But the minute the free bowls of spicy pickled daikon and oiled bean sprouts hit the table ... you know youre in for a culinary treat of major proportions. [VV]