Chumley’s Shows Signs of Life, Applies for Liquor License

Photo: Mike Rogers

The Community Board agendas are out, and there’s nothing too exciting. Over at Community Board 3, the reopened Le Souk is going to have an uphill battle when it faces neighbors on October 19 (also of note: Freemans is indeed expanding to the second floor as rumored). Looking at Community Board 2, we see that the beleaguered Mott will give it another go, and Todd English will pitch a restaurant, Oliver Todd, in the hotel on 25 Great Jones. Now, here’s the exciting news: Chumley’s is seeking a liquor license for the space that closed almost two and a half years ago after a partial wall collapse. The last person to check in on the storied speakeasy’s construction site was Lost City back in July, and the interior shot it snagged was not pretty. So when could Chumley’s reopen? Almost two years ago, owner Steve Shlopak told the Observer that the bar was just “a dirt hole” and it would take 90 days to rebuild after the city issued a permit — it’s uncertain if that figure is still relevant. In any case, it seems unlikely we’ll be enjoying hot toddies by the fireplace this season.

Update: Indeed, a foreman tells Eater the bar won’t reopen for another year.