Camacho’s New Olvera Street Project is Late Paying the Rent

Olvera Street
Olvera Street Photo: AndrewGorden via Flickr

Plans to transform a former bank at the end of Olvera Street into a Camacho’s Café have hit a snag. L.A. Downtown News reports that Camacho’s Inc. is two months behind on rent for the giant space and has been rejected by the Historic Monument Board on a request to defer payments. Camacho’s has even been threatened with eviction if the company fails to pay the errant $11,666, due within two months. Evictions on Olvera St. are fairly atypical, though nearby Café de Sousa is facing one this month and the district is attempting more professional relations with their renters. Don Camacho, president of the company, blames the economic downtown and a few technical setbacks for the late payments, but promises, “We’re going to proceed either way. We’re going to be here and surviving.” Camacho’s currently plans on a December open for the artist’s haven and social space.

Camacho’s gets a Big Cup of No [L.A. Downtown News]