Bundts Butt Out Cupcakes at the Greenpoint Food Market

Photo: Andrew Sessa

Departures senior editor Andrew Sessa is well aware that the cupcake is over, (as he put it to us), and, as a recreational baker, he always had an interest in the bundt that other small, cute, nostalgic cake. But not until he read a Grub Street post about the Greenpoint Food Market did he start working in earnest on his company, Bundt, a Bakery. When the market debuts tomorrow at the Church of the Messiah at 129 Russell Street, near Nassau Avenue (from noon till 6 p.m.), he'll be selling four flavors of $4 bundts: caipirinha lime, bourbon pecan, chocolate, and carrot cake. For those who want to pretend theyre eating a funny-shaped cupcake, Sessa will sell $1 frosting shots of white-chocolate-cream-cheese buttercream.