Gourmet Likes Lobster Pound; Kraft Must Up Bid to Score Cadbury


The owners of the Brooklyn Brew Shop got into selling home-brewing kits by reading websites about how to make beer and how to start a business. [NYT]

By continuing to raise prices while lowering production costs, name-brand foods in the U.S are better competing with store brands. [Market Watch]

Cadbury is pressuring Kraft Foods to make a better bid if it wants the two companies to merge. [WSJ]

Gourmet has selected eight food-cart picks, including Hallo Berlin, and Red Hook Lobster Pound at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. [Gourmet]

Theres plenty of food for a dollar in Corona, Queens. [Metromix]

Angered by a recent article, the New Zealand Fishing Industry sent an open letter to the New York Times detailing a variety of omissions and distortions in its reporting that painted an erroneous picture of the nation's fishing community. [Gloucester Daily Times]

A restaurant that opened in Moscow this summer has been forced to change its name from Anti-Soviet to Soviet to avoid offending veterans. [NYDN]

Canada limits food companies to five possible advertising claims, while the U.S. allows around 27. [Calgary Herald]