Bed-Stuy Gets a Chicken and Waffles Spot That Doesn’t Stop There


Talima Davis, a production manager at a Soho design studio, discovered sweet-potato biscuits when she visited the grandmother of her fellow designer Allison Lamb in North Carolina. Davis loved them so much that she decided to make them the cornerstone of Orchid Café, which she, Lamb, and a third partner Winfield Harrell will open in Bed-Stuy on October 10. The biscuits will be made in-house and offered in the form of a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Also on the breakfast menu, available all day: sweet-potato waffles and pancakes, herb and cheddar biscuits, and maybe even honey-fried chicken and waffles.

While Davis may eventually serve staples like biscuits and gravy, she’s also proud to have hired cooks who’ve worked at the Ritz-Carlton and Eleven Madison Park, and she wants the place to go beyond simple soul food. For dinner, she’ll offer small plates such as a five-cheese macaroni with panko crumbs, rice balls, sliders topped with guacamole, pistachio-crusted chicken, and personal pizzas topped with lamb, onions, or peppers. The café will keep early hours (it’ll close at 8 p.m. on weekdays and 10 p.m. on the weekends), so the beverage program will consist of coffee, teas, and virgin cocktails. Of course, we’ll show you the space and menu when they’re finalized.

Orchid Café, 212 Patchen Ave., nr. Macon St., Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn