Mario Batali Plans Mozza Expansion

Photo: Inuyaki via Flickr Creative Commons

We didn’t learn a whole lot about Mario Batali in yesterday’s L.A. Times profile that we didn’t already know. We’ve seen the ever-present pair of Crocs that match his ponytail, and could guess that the stomach-turning stench of durian makes it his least favorite food. However, after a hilarious recount of chef Marco Pierre White throwing risotto at a young Batali, we did learn that there are plans to expand Mozza abroad and possibly at home.

The chef’s pizza joint with Nancy Silverton and Joe Bastianich, currently one of the hardest reservations in town, is first headed to Singapore, where two locations will be opened next year. The team is also considering a new Pizzeria Mozza for Orange County, perhaps inspired by the warm reception for David Myers’ Pizzeria Ortica. In addition, the trio might make a move towards Vegas with a new concept, but Batali doesn’t expect it to be any different from the L.A. outposts: “We take great pains to make sure that the food is delicious, that it’s fairly priced and that there’s accessibility.”

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