Baja Fresh to Get Bigger, Boozier


Left Coast burrito pusher Baja Fresh, the Chipotle Grill of 2009, has begun its slow but inevitable takeover of Manhattan. According to Midtown Lunch, the chain is set to open its newest location at 1441 Broadway (Broadway and 41st Street) on September 14. There's more: "We are also bringing the Nacho burrito [Ed Note: !!!] and Queso Fundido to NYC due to popular demand, as well as whole-wheat tortillas." I guess we missed the "What Do You Want? Queso Fundido! When Do You Want It? Now!" protests, but any melted cheese is a good thing. Even more exciting, the original Lexington location is now serving beer — Pacifico, Coors Light, Corona, Negro Modelo — and in a few short weeks will be serving margaritas, too.

Speaking of Baja Fresh [Midtown Lunch]