Does the Guardian Know the World’s Best Food?


The latest best-of list comes from the Guardian, which tackles the impossible task of figuring out the 50 best things to eat and then finding the best restaurants around the world that serve said items. Want the best oysters? Book a trip to Northern Ireland. Or head to Paris for the best roast chicken, leg of beef, chocolate cake, and macaroons. But no need to go to Italy for good pasta, since you can apparently get the planet’s best ravioli (oxtail with black truffles and pigeon-liver sauce) at Babbo. For burgers, order the one at the little owl. The zenith of pastrami on rye is found at Katz’s, and the finest porcine dish is yours if you order the pork belly at Gramercy Tavern. Other notable U.S. mentions include Fosselman’s milk shakes in Los Angeles, the tomato juice at Happy Girl Kitchen in San Francisco, and Chez Panisse in Berkeley, for its mastery of California cuisine. What’s the best example of a dish in your city? Give the Guardian what for in the comments.

The 50 best things to eat in the world, and where to eat them [Guardian U.K.]