Angel City Brewery is Left Out of Alpine Village’s Oktoberfest

Photo: Never Cool in School via Flickr

Oktoberfest celebrations at Torrance’s Alpine Village start again this Saturday, but a prized guest is not invited: Angel City Brewery, whose beer had been served here for nearly 20 years and is also a tenant on Village grounds. Instead, Spaten, a German import, will be served, while Angel City is stuck with 500 kegs worth of their Alpine Village Oktoberfest brew and a self=projected “$150,000 loss of business.” Gerald King, the new GM at Alpine Village, tells The Daily Breeze that this switch to the popular brand is purely about business, while Angel City owner Michael Bowe feels it is the latest attempt to move his business off of the property after receiving an eviction order he is fighting. Bowe claims his award-winning beer greatly outsells all cheaper offerings, and that “their intent is to starve me out here. They’re not selling my beer at the inn; they took me out of the store.” While Bowe tries to rally local support for Angel City to be included, Oktoberfest begins again this weekend with a brand new tent and a higher admission price. Alpine Village Oktoberfest, 833 W. Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA, September 12th to October 25th, $5-$8.

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