Adam Platt Praises the Standard; Rockaway Taco’s Spicy Cucumbers

The Standard Grill.
The Standard Grill. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

In the magazine this week, Adam Platt’s two-star review explains that “what separates the Standard from other newly tricked-out, faux-bistro factory operations in the neighborhood is the unexpected quality of Silverman’s cooking.” For a refreshing and piquant In Season recipe, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld head out to Rockaway Taco, where “chef Andrew Field, has spent time in Mexico eating street snacks like the cucumbers he serves doused in lime and sprinkled with chile powder he grinds from scratch.” As the food-truck fleet continues to grow, Aileen Gallagher tells you where to find to the squatters and the rovers. Finally, Motorino kicks off this week’s openings tonight, so be sure to check out the menu.