Why Ketchup Is Made, Not Grown


Ketchup is great, as people who dump it on their fries or slather it on their burgers can attest. But that doesn’t make Heinz ketchup any less processed. The ketchup king joins Hellman’s (which launched an Eat Local campaign in Canada) in a disturbing effort to tap into the country’s growing interest in agriculture. In the ad below, Heinz asserts: “We believe it’s important to know exactly where the tomatoes in your ketchup come from. That’s why every tomato in every bottle of Heinz ketchup is made with Heinz seeds. Heinz tomato ketchup — grown, not made.” Do they grow their own high-fructose corn syrup, too? Looks like someone in the ad department has been taking notes on Don Draper’s “toasted” treatment of Lucky Strikes.