Why Don’t More Restaurants Offer Twitter Discounts?


Food trucks have been offering daily or semi-daily discounts via Twitter for a while now (typical promotion from the Wafels & Dinges truck: “your best Bill / Hillary imitation will get u 1 free dinges”). But brick-and-mortars are slowly getting with the program. Sure, Southern Hospitality recently tweeted: “Today's Twitter password is ‘lower than a worm's belly in a wagon rut’. Tell your server for 10% off your bill at Southern Hosptiality!” And then there's a recent offer from City Bakery: “Guess which apples are on our Apple Lemon Tarts and get this sunny pastry for $1. 3-8pm @ Birdbath Green Bakery on 7th ave + Charles.” But we have to say, Boqueria's offers are the only ones that really perk us up. For instance, this one today: “B3B! Mention Twitter tonight and get a free order of Crispy Fairy Tale Eggplant w/ Almond Romesco for ur table. http://twitpic.com/dvdoy.” Previous giveaways have included a trio of soberts, an order of lamb bacon, and even a plate of line-caught fluke. Anyway, we’re greedily hoping more restaurants follow suit, and we're suspecting they will. For more from Boqueria, follow the restaurant or its chef Seamus Mullen, who started tweeting last week about his trips to the Greenmarket.