Whole Foods CEO Ignites Boycott


Some Facebook users (okay, about 11,000 of them) are trying to start a boycott against Whole Foods in response to an op-ed written by CEO John Mackey in The Wall Street Journal last week. Whole Foods has long been touted as a quality employer — one that provides health insurance to even part-time employees — but the founder of the Boycott Whole Foods Facebook group has accused Mackey of “launch[ing] a campaign to defeat a single-payer national health-care system.” On The Atlantic’s website, Megan McArdle questions not only the reasoning behind the boycott, but its value: “Not that I’m exactly sweating for the fortunes of Whole Foods. Quick: Name the last time a consumer boycott achieved a result of any significance. (Getting American Airlines to stop using animals in its ads doesn’t count.) I have to go all the way back to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.” Harvey Milk had some success with boycotting Coors in the early seventies, but the beer behemoth is still serving. We imagine the same for Whole Foods.

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