Who Is the Wisest Foodie of Them All?


Bummed to have lost all your drinking buddies because all you ever do is spout off about food? Now there’s a place where your foodie knowledge can actually work to your advantage! Edible Brooklyn is launching a series of “Edible Pursuit” nights, and the first one will take place at the beer garden (complete with army tent, picnic tables, and bar) that Roberta’s installed in its backyard about a month ago. Normally you can’t eat in the garden, but in this case the $50 entry fee gets you a set meal of pizza and local beers and wines, plus the opportunity to win prizes (and impress that single locavore across the table) for correctly answering questions such as “Where was the first pizza sold in New York?” You can reserve tickets here, or try your luck at Roberta’s on August 26 when doors open at 6 p.m.