Where Matt Abramcyck Hangs While He Waits for Beatrice to Reopen

Abramcyck is the man.

In a new “Vanities”-esque column, Matt Abramcyck (Beatrice Inn, Smith & Mills, and Warren 77) tells Playboy his favorite spots are Cherry Tavern, Lit, and Fred’s at Barneys, while Handsome Dick Manitoba of the eponymous bar recommends Mario’s in the Bronx: “I’ll have baked clams oreganato, their veal cutlet Parmigiana scallopini — it's paper-thin — and a side dish of al-dente linguine with white-clam sauce.” Strangely, he doesn’t cop to his love of White Castle.

The Spot — New York: Matt Abramcyck [Playboy]